About the author:

I am a wife, mother of 3 girls, and a STEAM lead teacher. I studied Biology and graduated Summa Cum Laude with B.S. in Biology from Moravian College in Pennsylvania. I worked in Aquaculture as a research scientist until my husband’s career moved us to Colorado. I decided that I wanted to home with my kids and that led us to homeschool them for a bit. Homeschooling gave us great family time to enjoy the outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer. I have always enjoyed learning and I wanted to give my children the same love and passion for learning. I consider this blog and recipe “experimentation” a part of the research I love to do. I am enjoying searching for information and learning how to transfer that info into an easy-to-understand way. I am also enjoying my “test kitchen” as I work to create healthy snacks that fit our nutritional needs and allergy restrictions. I strongly believe that God put everything on Earth that we needed to thrive as humans. I don’t believe we need to change those things very much to attain good nutrition.

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Why Earth JEMS?

Earth JEMS has a two-fold purpose in its name. First, and most simply, I believe that food from the Earth in its pure, whole and freshest state is a “gem”! A gem that is full of the nutrition that we need.

However, since the food industry became mass managed and subsided by the government in the 1950’s, we have gotten too far away from this.

This is when we became more focused on quantity than quality. It causes us to rush our food:

1. We over-fertilize it with chemicals,

2. We pick it before it is ripe and we try to ripen it with heat and chemicals,

3. We give it hormones to make it grow faster-our animals suffer and eventually we do as well,

4. We preserve it so it will have a life in transport and on the shelf. All of these things result in a poor nutrient product.

So, I believe that we need to focus on local, organic and unprocessed foods in order to restore health.

The JEMS is spelled differently because it represents my children’s initials. They are the reason why I pursue knowledge and understanding of nutrition and food. I cook for them every day and I want them to have the best in taste and quality. I want them to have healthy, full lives. I want to give them a full understanding of nutrition and healthy eating, so they can make choices that will work best in their bodies and the families they will one day raise.